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The Lawyers Association of Zhejiang, set up in 1984, is a legally established social organization as legal person and self-disciplinary professional organization consisting of all Zhejiang lawyers and law firms, which serves and administers the legal profession according to the law. Since the Eighth Lawyers' Congress of Zhejiang province in December 2010, the term of office of the association changes every four years.

Under the supervision and guidance of the Department of Justice of Zhejiang Province and the guidance of the All China Lawyers Association, the Lawyers Association of Zhejiang independently carries out its functions according to the law.

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The address of the association is located in Hangzhou.

The highest authority of the Lawyers Association of Zhejiang is the Lawyers' Congress, and the Council is the permanent body of the congress. The Standing Council exercises the functions and powers of the Council when the Council is not in session. The Secretariat is the daily operation office composed of the Secretary General, Deputy Secretary General as well as the Office, Department of Research, Department of Members, Department of Publicity, Department of the Professional Committees, Department of Training, the website of the Shenzhou Lawyers Website and the Editorial Department of Zhejiang Lawyers.

In order to fully exercise the self-discipline function of the legal profession, the Lawyers Association of Zhejiang has 18 special working committees in charge of protection of professional rights and interests, development and rule-making, professional guidance, education and training, assessment, cultural construction and propaganda, guidance on management of law firms, construction of local lawyers associations, affairs of membership, assets management and finance, foreign exchange, political participation, legal aid and public interest, construction of informatization, work of lawyers representatives, work of young lawyers, work of female lawyers, work of public service lawyers and in-house lawyers, etc., which takes separate responsibility for  each sector of work. The Lawyers Association of Zhejiang has also set up 16 professional committees in the practicing areas of criminal law, civil and commercial laws, administrative law, legal counsel, corporate, intellectual property, construction, real estate, marriage and family law, finance and insurance, the internet, bankruptcy management, labor and social security, foreign-related and maritime affairs, securities and capital markets, resources and environment protection, etc., which are responsible for seminars and communications as well as for guiding all lawyers of the province to carry out various areas of legal services.

According to the Lawyers Law of the People's Republic of China and the Articles of Association, the Lawyers Association of Zhejiang mainly performs the following duties:

Supporting and safeguarding the legitimate practice of the members and protecting the legal rights and interests of the members;

Making the development plan, the standard of practice and the internal rules of the legal profession;

Making the rewarding and disciplining rules for members and monitoring the implementation;

Being responsible for the education, inspection and supervision on professional ethics and practicing disciplines;

Handling the complaints against members;

Mediating disputes among members arising out of practices;

Conducting assessment on the practice of lawyers;

Organizing and managing the internship and assessment of applicants for practising of law;

Providing pre-practice training and post-practice continuous education for lawyers;

Guiding, supervising the standardization construction of law firms;

Carrying out seminars and communications, and summarizing and exchanging working experience among the legal profession;

Organizing domestic and international exchanges for lawyers;

Publicizing lawyers' work and enhancing their public influence;

Organizing lawyers and law firms to carry out activities for public good;

Encouraging and supporting members in political participation;

Guiding the work of municipal lawyers' associations;

Providing welfare and other benefits for members;

Coordinating relations with relevant judicial, law enforcement and administrative authorities, and putting forward legislative and judicial advice;

Handling matters authorized and entrusted by the All China Lawyers Association and relevant departments;

Other duties prescribed by laws, regulations, rules and professional norms.

Contact Details:

Address: 12 /F, Block A, Huahong building, 238 Tianmu Mountain Road, Hangzhou 310013

Tel: 0086-571-88855077  fax: 0086-571-87755608  email: zjslsxh@zjbar.com 

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